Staying Under Glass

[wppb progress=19]

That’s what my progress toward my goal of writing 90 hours of erotica looks like >_< That’s the bad news.

But there is so much more good news!

First of all, I’ve been making slow but steady progress on various writing projects since I began writing under glass. This. Is. Awesome. Consistency is something I struggle with, as is finding time to write. Writing Under Glass is helping me with both of those things. Yay!

I’ve written for about 16 hours so far this month (specifically for Cori Vidae stuff, things done under my real name don’t count) and I have one full story and most of a second one drafted. I also have people talking about being under glass on Twitter and sending me prompts via email.

Win. Win. Win.

Because the story I’m currently working on (the kinky post-apocalyptic one tentatively titled The Last Men in the World) has gone from being a short story to a novella I’m unlikely to finish writing stories to go with all the prompts I received. I’m not okay with that. Especially since one of them was accompanied with a charitable donation.

So I’ve decided to stay ‘Under Glass’ in perpetuity.

My plan right now is to work my way through the three remaining prompts I have received for my ‘She’s on the Bottom‘ theme as well as any prompts that show up in my inbox before the end of the month (hint, hint).

Once I’ve produced all those stories I’ll share some of the results on here for everyone to enjoy, and get the rest ready to be sponsored or submitted to publishers. Simultaneously, we’ll pick another theme and I’ll start accepting prompts and writing to it.

Prompts I still have to write for this theme (in no particular order):

Pony play and fairies (prompt from TJ)


I’m excited. Are you excited? It’s okay, I’m excited enough for both of us 😉

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