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When I started on as an Assistant Editor for Red Moon Romance I had a whole list of things I wanted to see in the slush. I wanted historical fiction and paranormal romance and steamy steampunk and a second world (ie: world that is not our own) erotic fantasy and, and, and but most of all I wanted something kinky. I had to trim down my huge wishlist into something manageable enough to put on a website and I came up with this:

When I interviewed for this position, Editor-in-Chief Eileen Wiedbrauk said, “If that’s where you want to build your editorial nest…” and that image hasn’t left my brain ever since. My editorial nest is tucked into the shadows and it isn’t smooth-edged, downy or comfortable. It’s complex, thorny and challenging. If your story is too, I’d love to see it.

A little too metaphorical?

I like my romance dark and twisted. That could very well mean kinky, but it doesn’t have to.

Kink is awesome (so long as it’s RACK) and doesn’t absolutely need to equate to BDSM. I’m open to any heat level and it takes an awful lot to make me blush, so if you can pull it off without also squicking me out, you will definitely have my attention.

My wishlist for my first year with Red Moon Romance includes an erotic second world fantasy, an intelligent kinky romance (which does not include a billionaire wanna-be Dom), and a sexy steampunk story. So dude, if you’ve got a kinky steampunk story we should definitely talk.

The repeating theme in there is kinky LOL

I’m seeing a lot of amazing stories in the submissions but not a lot of straight-up kinky romance. I’ve edited a few projects already (Skye Falling & Omega Rising by Anna Kyle and Luminous Dreams by Alexa Piper) and there are a couple in the submissions inbox I’m hoping to acquire but none of them are particularly kinky (though some of Alexa Piper’s work has some kinktastic overtones).

There are a finite number of titles I can acquire and edit for RMR in a year and I’m drawing really close to that line. That means for the next several months I’ll only be considering projects with a substantial amount of kink in them*. I wish I could keep accepting awesome romance novels of any flavour but alas there are only so many hours in the day and I really, really, really want to sign something thorny before the year is out.

So, what I’m trying to say is please send me your kinky romance stories!

Red Moon Romance is open to submissions until October

*The exceptions to this rule are submissions to Rough Edges, submissions already in the slush that I’ve requested a full or partial on, and anything I sent a revise and resubmit request for.

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